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Welcome to Manabadi Charitable Trust

Manabadi Charitable Trust was founded by alumni students of SVU Campus School 1985-95 batch (B-section). Manabadi Charitable Trust is a non-profitable organization, registered on 13th of March 2019 . The sole aim of this trust is to enrich their school’s 2D education model by introducing smart classes and enhance student’s competence to triumph in the modern world.

As a first step to trust’s vision, Manabadi Charitable Trust collaborated with BYJU’s Educational Technology to enable digital classes for 8th to 10th class students in SVU Campus School. The trust conducts regular motivational and career planning events to inspire the students to ‘READ TO DREAM’. The students with academic excellence are recognized and awarded.

The trust believes in Jim Ryan’s saying

“MOTIVATION is what gets you STARTED.

HABIT is what keeps you GOING”.

Our Mission

Concern about Our Mission

Together WE facilitate smart education through state-of-the-art educational models thereby enhancing students overall cognitive skills and provide them strong schooling.

To provide sustainable best-in-class education to students who comes from various economic backgrounds. Through innovative and smart teaching models, we aim to give children the best start in life by providing a creating learning environment and empower them to have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to make a positive contribution to the society.

We summarise our goals in to 7 stars:

  1. Simplified access to educational resources.
  2. Improve the learning experience for students.
  3. Allows students to learn at their own pace.
  4. Improve research skills.
  5. Enhance reasoning skills.
  6. Boosts self-confidence.
  7. Break down the barriers to education.



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Meet Our Team

Talented Team behind Manabadi Charitable Trust

The trust members are elected unanimously by SVU Campus School 1985-95 batch (B-section). All the members are from various professions and has immense belief in Manabadi Charitable Trust’s vision, goals, and its accomplishments.
Our talented team: